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Terms & Conditions

UNIPOST is a trading name of CITYPAC LTD, Company Reg No. 09340733, Vat No. 240 3185 42. UNIPOST undertakes all business without the use of 3rd party carriers.


1.1 By subscribing to UNIPOST parcel service, UNIPOST will provide an unlimited collection and delivery service for 12 months.

1.2 Payment for your subscribed service will be collected prior to service starting and is non refundable.

1.3 By subscribing to the UNIPOST parcel service you agree to the terms set out here with.

1.4 Any discount offers will be included at the time of subscription and will run in conjunction with the term of service.

1.5 Family service subscription applies for 2 students and 1 home address only.


2.1 You are required to provide full and clear collection and delivery addresses via the UNIPOST booking system. Failure to provide correct details will result in (non collection) and you will be required to start collect procedure once again.

2.2 It is your duty to make sure that all items sent through the UNIPOST delivery service is correctly labelled and secured to items. Should labels fall off, the property will be stored until claimed for.

2.3 The collection and delivery addresse(s) can only be either your hall of residents or your home address.

2.4 If you cannot be present for your collection you will be required to leave the item in a safe place with a note on the door to let the driver know where to pick up from, also when booking your collection put a note on the special instruction section.


3.1 Your items are covered with our standard cover of £500.00 per consignment, you must declare the value when booking your collection for any items over £100.00.

3.2 Insurance cover will not apply if items are poorly packaged, UNIPOST drivers will not collect.


4.1 UNIPOST will store items for a monthly fee which includes insurance, collection and delivery cost is included. You will be required to give 24 hrs notice for items to be picked from the warehouse location and transported back to your required location.

4.2 Each calander month payment is required 5 days before the next month. You will receive notification to remind you and will give you 2 options, 1. re-book the next month or, 2. have your item(s) delivered back to you.

4.3 The price quoted for storage is for 1 bag/suitcase per 4 weeks.

4.4 If you have paid for the annual subscription, this will include free storage for 1 bag/suitcase for 3 months (12 weeks) 


5.1 For non UNIPOST subscribers, payment and booking for this service allows for 1 cubic metre to be collected / delivered from your home and hall of residents. Includes insurance cover of £500.00.

5.2 Advanced booking required with 3-5 days notice.


6.1 Advanced booking required as space is restricted on vehicles. We advise 3-5 days for items such as beds or bicycles. This service is only provided to subscription customers.


7.1 Items should not exceed 30kg in weight and no larger than a large travel suitcase. The driver may refuse to collect if over weight or too bulky. If you think it exceeds the standard dimensions and weight then book it through UNIPOST oversized service.

7.2 Your maximum daily allowance is 2 bags/suitcases each way between home and your hall of residents.

7.3 You are not permitted to run any business activities through our delivery network i.e stock movements.  If this is evident your subscription will be cancelled with immediate effect.